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Please use your own judgment when parking your vehicle. The information regarding parking on this website is a mixture of my own personal knowledge, information I have been given by other anglers and what I have read in the angling press. I accept no responsibility for parking tickets, vandalism, theft etc. GPS positions/postcodes are supplied to aid drivers with Sat-Nav, but due to the potential for error when inputting co-ordinates/postcodes their accuracy cannot be guaranteed. If you find any of the information on this site to be incorrect please contact me using the contact form and I will correct it.

Tackle & Bait and Links

In no way do I guarantee the quality of any products or services from any of the companies mentioned in the two above menu's. If you do believe that the service you have received is unacceptable and not worthy of a mention on this site please contact me via the contact form to let me know. Links will be removed or added at my discretion.


Sea fishing is the most dangerous sport in this country. There is no such thing as a safe venue. When visiting venues listed on this site please be aware of being cut off by the tide, slippery rocks, crumbling cliffs etc. I have made some mention on the site regarding thing to watch out for but this is by no means a definitive list.

Ultimately your safety is your responsibility.



Your guide to some of the BEST SEA FISHING VENUES on the Yorkshire coast.


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