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Filey Brigg


Filey Brigg general information



From Filey:
Filey is well signposted. Follow the signs for North Cliff Country Park which is also signed as a long stay car park. Buy a ticket if in season and park in the top right hand corner of the park.

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Filey Brigg is renowned as one of the best fishing venues in the UK. In the wrong conditions though, it can also be one of the most dangerous. This is emphasised by the placement of emergency phones, emergency access ladders and life rings (below).

Emergency equipment at Filey Brigg 

The Brigg is a spike of rock which sticks out over a kilometer into the north sea, and fishes into some very deep water onto its north side. The cliff area of the Brigg is Carr Naze, and was once the location of a Roman Signal Station.

The cliffs on either side of Carr Naze are rapidly eroding and this makes the cliffs very dangerous, especially in wet conditions.

Warning sign at Filey Brigg

Below is the narrowest point on Carr Naze. It is only as wide as the footpath.

The narrowest point of Carr Naze at Filey Brigg

The northern side of the Brigg fishes into deep water. During any sort of prolonged northerly wind dangerous swells can build up. If you are going to fish in these conditions pick a spot well above the sea, as the angler below has done.

Rock fishing at Filey Brigg

Access to Filey Brigg

There is no totally safe access to Filey Brigg. The safest access is to walk from Filey Cobble Landing to the Brigg, but it is still possible to be cut off by the tide during rough weather or by the incoming tide at a spot called Agony Point (for obvious reasons). Below are listed the 3 other possible routes down on to the Brigg.

Path on the south side of the Brigg

Access point on the south side of Filey Brigg 
Track down to Filey Brigg 

These are signed as 'No Safe Access' at both the top and bottom of the Brigg. This is due to landslips. In the photo you can see that people are still using the track, despite the warnings.

Path down the front of Carr Naze

Warning sign at the front of Carr Naze 
Very steep and narrow track down the front of Carr Naze 
View back up the track at the front of Carr Naze, Filey Brigg 

This is a very dangerous route, and not to be used in wet weather. It's not too bad until you reach the last bit shown in the 2 photos above. Even with no fishing gear and wearing spike soled boots it is very precarious. As the 2nd photo shows, there's no room for error and it's a long way down.

The ladder

Emergency escape ladders on the north side of Filey Brigg 

This is situated on the north side of the Brigg, and really is only used if you're planning on fishing the north side of the Brigg due to the difficult access to the south side or Brigg End from here. The access down the side of Carr Naze to the platform isn't too bad, but it is a long ladder, and like any metal ladder in wet conditions it can become slippery. Great care must be taken accessing from this point. At the top of the ladder is an emergency phone.

Caution: None of these are safe or recommended points to access Filey Brigg. This information is here to enable you to make an informed judgment.

Beware of fishing the Brigg in or following bad weather. Huge swells can hit the Brigg and wash straight across it.

Keep an eye on the tide. It is possible to be cut off, especially if accessing from Filey Bay or fishing the Brigg End or High Brigg area.

Many areas of the Brigg can be extremely slippery.


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