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Terminal tackle component guides

Find out more about the components you use to build your beach and rock fishing rigs.


Lead links and clips

Lead clips/links are a vital component of any beach fishing, rock fishing or boat fishing rig which will be cast.

A lead clips/links primary purpose is to prevent abrasion to the knot or rig body which does occur if the lead is tied directly to the rig body.

The cause of this abrasion is usually the sea bed, although scratches, fragments of lead etc on the eye of the lead can all play a part in weakening a knot.

The secondary purpose or a lead clip/link is to allow the lead to be easily changed without the need for any more knots, which is particularly useful during very cold conditions, or in matches where time is of the essence.

There are a range of lead clips and links on the market which will safely do the job, the difference being how easy they are to use. It is very important to note that for beach fishing/rock fishing purposes, where a cast can place huge strains on terminal tackle, the American snap link is not a safe choice. These can unclip during the cast, or the wire clip can snap.

Types of lead clips and links are listed below, along with a star rating out of five relating to how easily they allow a lead to be changed.

Lead links and clips

1. Breakaway Fastlinks

This is an excellent design which prevents the eye of the lead making contact with the knot on the link.

Ease of lead change: *****

2. Gemini Genie Link Clips

Just like the Breakaway Fastlink, an excellent design which prevents the eye of the lead from making contact with the knot on the link.

Ease of lead change: *****

3. Oval Split Rings

These are usually used in sizes 1/O or 2/O for beach work.

Ease of lead change: *

4. Easy Links

These are a pear shaped version of the oval split ring with the addition of a tab on the inside of the clip to make it easier to clip leads on and off.

Ease of lead change: ***

5. Sea Links

The sea link is a reliable cheap clip.

Ease of lead change: ****

6. American Snap Link

These are usually supplied connected to bronzed barrel swivels. These are fine for downtide fishing where the lead is lowered over the side of a boat, but they are NOT SAFE FOR CASTING due to the possibility of the clip releasing during the cast or the wire clip snapping. If you must use a clip of this type for casting choose an interlock or snap link (different to American snap link).

Ease of lead change: *****

7. Snap Link

These are available in different sizes and can be bought with or without swivels.

Ease of lead change: *****

8. Interlock Link

This is a stronger and more secure alternative to the American snap link which is available in a range of sizes.

Ease of lead change: *****


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