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Photo Recce is designed for sea anglers who, like myself, live too far from the coast to be able to do a low water Recce of the venue they have chosen to fish. All the venues listed here are in North and East Yorkshire.

My intention is to produce the most comprehensive angling orientated photographic venue resource possible with the limited amount of spare time I have available. I don't get any financial reward from this website, in fact it is quite costly to produce when taking fuel and web hosting fees into account. All I want is for people to use it and get out there and fish somewhere they never normally would have tried.

I haven't stated where the best areas are to fish or what the best baits to use are as these can vary massively depending on conditions and the time of year.

I have pointed out some areas with potential fish holding features but this doesn't mean that (1) I have fished them or (2) I have heard of anyone having good catches from that area.

Most of the photo's on Photo Recce are taken at low tide on spring tides, although onshore winds did have an effect on some of the marks photographed.

It's all too easy to have a good days fishing in one spot and keep going back there hoping for a repeat. Try something different. Get out and explore!

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Your guide to some of the BEST SEA FISHING VENUES on the Yorkshire coast.


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