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Port Mulgrave


Port Mulgrave general information



Take the A174 coast road and head for Hinderwell. Follow the signs for Port Mulgrave. Their is only one road into Port Mulgrave. Parking is at the very end of it.

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Up until 1930 this north east facing bay was a working port and ironstone mine. During the Second World War the breakwater was destroyed by the Royal Engineers to prevent German invasion at Port Mulgrave. Since then the remains of the harbour have been severely effected by the sea. The image below gives a useful insight as to what Port Mulgrave used to look like.

Port Mulgrave circa 1911
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As a fishing venue Port Mulgrave has pretty much one main feature. This is a deep gully within casting distance of the pier at high tide and the scar beyond the breakwater at low tide.

Port Mulgrave would be a more popular venue if it wasn't for the path down to the harbour. It's fine at the top and at the bottom (see below) but in the middle it really is quite steep, and despite being cobbled at this part, it can be tricky going down and murder getting back up with the tackle.

Top of the hill at Port Mulgrave

Bottom of the hill at Port Mulgrave

Caution: Take care when descending the hill in wet weather or at night. The scar can also be very slippery!


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