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Sea fishing rigs

The sea fishing rigs in this section of Photo Recce cover all of the fishing venues we feature.

If there are any rigs you would like to see added to this section, please use the contact form to tell us.


Why build your own rigs?

Firstly, using fishing rigs you've built yourself offers complete peace of mind. You know that all of your knots are strong and won't slip, and also that all of the components are of the highest quality and won't let you down.

Secondly, the satisfaction of catching a good fish on a rig you've made yourself is a wonderful feeling. You've got it right, you chose the hook size and pattern that allowed the bait to sit enticingly in the tide, the snood length was ideal, and everything held together perfectly as you hauled that fish through the surf, over the rocks or up the side of the pier.

Finally, it's also cheaper!

There are some really good rig builders out there who will create bespoke rigs for you using good quality components, but there are many more selling rigs that are basically not up to the job, and even some that are dangerous.

I don't make rigs for other people, or sell other peoples rigs or terminal tackle.
Any recommendations on this website are based purely on personal experience.


Clean ground sea fishing/beach fishing rigs

Short Range 1 Up 1 Down Rig

Mid Range 1 Up 1 Down Rig

2 Hook Wessex Rig

Single Hook Clipped Down Rig

Up and Over/Long and Low Rig

Clipped Down Pennel Rig

This is a rig for fishing big baits such as peeler crab, squid or bunches of worms at distance. Any combination of hooks can be used in the pennel as long as the top hook is the same size or smaller than the main hook.

Clipping the rig down ensures that it is more aerodynamic, which as well as casting further also protects the bait.

To bend the eye of the top hook inwards, hold the hook with a pair of pliers and heat the eye with a lighter for 5 to 10 seconds (until glowing). With a second pair of pliers angle the eye to the desired position. Cool the hook with cold water.


1 x size 4 rolling swivel
1x size 6 rolling swivel
3 x bead
2 x crimp
1 x Gemini SRT Spring
1 x Breakaway Impact Lead
1 x Breakaway Fast Link/Gemini Rig Clip etc.
2 x size 2/0 – 4/0 hook

Clipped Down Pennel Rig


Pulley Dropper Rig

Portsmouth Rig/Loop Rig/Golds Rig


Mixed or rough ground sea fishing/beach fishing rigs

Pulley Rig

Pulley Pennel Rig

Rough Ground Rig



Your guide to some of the BEST SEA FISHING VENUES on the Yorkshire coast.


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