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Runswick Bay


Runswick Bay general information



From either the north or south of Runswick Bay take the A174 and follow the signs. Once in Runswick follow the signs for the bay and the car park.

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Runswick Bay is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places on the east coast. It also happen to be a great venue for winter cod as well.

The first thing I'll mention by way of a warning is that the hill down to Runswick Bay is the steepest I've ever encountered and can take you by surprise. Just stick your car into first gear, leave it there and get your foot on the break! It's not worth risking at all if it's icy. The photo below doesn't do it justice at all, and the steepest parts out of view.

The hill at Runswick Bay

Due to the location of the bay it usually remains fishable even in the worst northeasterly winds. The downside to this is that huge rafts of kelp congregate in the bay and can make fishing near impossible. Often though, if the weed is at one end of the beech it is clear at the other.

The areas which are most often recommended by anglers who know the venue are the wall in front of the houses at high tide, the yacht club area and to the right of it (facing the sea) at low tide, along with the gully at the far end of the nearby scar. Finally many areas around the rocky 'north' part of the venue (also at low tide) can produce bags of fish.

The area I've shown on the rocky 'north' part of the bay, with regards to escaping the tide if you become cut off, is, from what I can gather by what's left of the sign below, private property and should only be used in an emergency.

Caution: The scar can be very slippery in places. Also watch out for being cut off by the tide whilst on the rocky 'north' part of the bay.


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