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Scarborough East Pier


Scarborough East Pier general information



Once in Scarborough head towards the sea front and the harbour. Parking on Marine Drive is about 60m north of the east pier.

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Parking information   Parking at Scarborough East Pier

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Unfortunately for sea anglers, Scarborough Borough Council have had coastal defences built from Royal Albert Drive, along the entire length of Marine Drive and along most of the outer side of the east pier. The acropods, which are huge interlocking concrete blocks, make it almost impossible to retrieve a fish or line.

Acropods at Scarborough East Pier

There are one or two spots where with great care during calm seas access can be gained to the waters edge.

Fishing at Scarborough East Pier

Near to the east pier is Marine Drive, which was renowned throughout the UK for it's fantastic cod fishing. This is now virtually impossible to fish. Some locals still manage to fish it using ropes and ladders to get to the waters edge at low water, but it's very risky.

Fishing access at Scarborough Marine Drive

Scarborough Borough Council appear to have had no consideration whatsoever when it came to ensuring that sea anglers, who bring so much money into their local economy, have access to these once famous venues. We don't ask for a lot - just access!

Caution: Fishing during big tides and rough seas can be dangerous at this venue.


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